Our Inaugural Johnston Family Day was a SUCCESS!

November 4th at Orange County National
Families enjoy a 9-hole round choosing between the morning or afternoon tee time,  to enjoy golf as a family sport and yummy pizza donated by Andy Rosen and Celebration Restaurants! First Tee Coach Megan Johnston welcomed players with a heartfelt message about golf shaping her youth and providing a career she loves, and her hope for her own daughters’ access to the game.

The Details

10:00 am – Family Golf Scramble Wave 1 – Tooth Course (Golf Carts Included)

12:00 Noon – Lunch – Tooth Course (Please Bring Lawn Chairs or Picnic Blankets)

1:30 pm – Family Golf Scramble Wave 2 – Tooth Course (Golf Carts Included)

$85 for up to 4 participants, $25 per individual player

What is a Scramble?

A scramble is a format designed to maximize ream work in a round of golf!

Every player hits off the tee. The team then selects the best tee shot. All others pick up their ball and drop it near where the best tee shot landed. The 2nd shot is played from that spot.   The team continues in this format, all hit from the same spot, select the best shot, until one player gets the ball in the hole. The team score is the total of all the best shots.  While the event is non-competitive, special prizes will be awarded for the longest drive and closest to the pin! Don’t have equipment?  We can help provide! Just let us know!

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A Message from our Sponsor

First Tee and Girls Golf are programs dear to my heart. Growing up in Ireland, I didn’t have a lot of money so I would have been a First Tee kid to be able to reach the levels of golf that I did. I feel like every child regardless of economic background should have the ability and the opportunity to succeed. Secondly, the life skills that are taught through the program are values I instill within myself, my students and my children. I know if my own children can follow the life skills curriculum within the First Tee they will be really great humans and that’s all I can hope and pray for as a parent.

Girls Golf is just simply my passion project. I want every girl, everywhere to feel like they belong on a course, to feel accepted and welcomed. To have friends who play golf and encourage them to play. Whether it be competitive or they play for fun, golf is an excellent tool for business in the future. The fun atmosphere of Girls Golf will keep so many more females in the game for a long time. I grew up as basically the only girl in my community playing. I competed with the boys (and beat them) and I’m so thankful for my core group of male juniors as a kid. These boys are lifelong friends, they pushed me to be the best I could be. But, I would have given anything to have a group of girls around me, and I know many girls who dropped out would have stayed with the game longer if they had a group of girls around them, and I know I cannot wait to tee it up with my girls.

So please join me in supporting this wonderful cause. Trust me when I say, you are changing a kid’s life for the better.