Final Drive 2021

Kaleb Palm, First Tee Scholarship Class of 2021

For our participants, golf provides a path to greater success at home, in school and in the community. One of our many bright spots this year was the culmination of Kaleb Palm’s First Tee journey as a member of the First Tee College Scholarship Class of 2021. Kaleb began golf as a twelve-year-old baseball player. Coming from modest means, his dad signed him up for our program on financial assistance. Despite challenges, Kaleb quickly honed his skills and became a phenomenal golfer and top recruit in the state. Unfortunately, due to the economic effects of COVID-19, Kaleb’s top choice of a team, Florida Atlantic University, could not offer him a golf scholarship. That is where the First Tee stepped in for one last time in his junior career. As a scholarship recipient, Kaleb will receive $5,000 a year for four years, professional development workshops, access to internships, and full-time employment placement assistance post-graduation. He is now a proud member of the Owls Golf Team, and continues to show the world the true character of First Tee students. Your support allowed us to eliminate the financial barrier for Kaleb to participate in the First Tee and also to support his goals and dreams going forward.